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Laurel On The Square Visits Sweet Charlie’s

In this episode of Laurel on the Square, Director of Sales Eva Walker walks just a few doors down from our tower’s construction site to get the scoop on Sweet Charlie’s, hailed by many for some of the best ice cream in Philly.

Rolled Ice Cream Philadelphia
Sweet Charlie’s Rittenhouse location brings the Thai rolled ice cream phenomenon to the heart of Philadelphia’s Center City.

Sweet Charlie’s whips up frozen treats right before customers’ eyes. It starts with an ice cream base poured onto a freezing surface, and then a customer selects imaginative mix-ins. After some showy chopping and skillful mixing by an ice cream artisan, the treat is smoothed out into a thin layer, then scraped into a frosty roll.

The finished dessert can be served in a cup, in a milkshake, on a fresh-made waffle, or as a “Tall Charlie” – a sweet topping for a warm glazed donut. Residents of The Laurel who don’t want to wait in line can easily order ice cream delivery from Sweet Charlie’s Rittenhouse by using the shop’s mobile app.

Best Ice Cream In Philly Gets Better
Sweet Charlie’s Philadelphia also offers “after dark” versions of its desserts, which incorporate alcohol in the mix. Special weekly flavors of these adults-only rolled ice cream treats can be ordered with infusions of chocolate liqueur, Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

The Laurel is designed to introduce a renaissance of refined living in Philadelphia’s most sought-after neighborhood. New Sky Residences from the $2 millions available. Visit the Sales Gallery at 1845 Walnut St., Suite 1911, Philadelphia, PA 19103, or call 215-960-9206 for more information.

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